We are all health conscious now and like to top our Smashed Pizza with tasty veggies and fruit (have you tried our Bacon and Banana – go on, you know you want to!!) Cooking over an open flame cooks quickly and therefore helps to retain all those lovely nutrients, making it light, tasty and healthy.
We will aim to open when we say, but if Mother Nature is having her shower or blowing a gale – this may affect the oven temperature and take a little longer to get to the right temperature. After all, we want to serve you the best Smashed Pizza possible and it is always worth waiting those extra few minutes.

Of course, just let ,Miss Tomato' know when you are ordering.

The 'Chief Smasher' will change his tools and the ingredients accordingly and we will do our best to accommodate.

Always mention your allergies to 'Miss Tomato' and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee every allergy as we do work in a flour and sometimes nut environment and it is impossible to remove all traces. Always ask and we will try our best.

Yes, do call us and we can take a pre booking for collection during our service. Choose your pizza on the day and watch it be created in front of your eyes.  We are not ‘fast food’ but we are not a slow service, as it is all cooked freshly to order.

No, we do yummy brownies lovingly made by 'Miss Tomato!

We can pop them into the oven making them sticky and gooey – just the way Miss Tomato likes them! (yum yum!!)

But of course, our oven can do so much more – watch this space!